Times are changing. In these days of working from home and remote learning, communicating via video conference is a fantastic alternative to traditional classroom teaching, in which the essential aspects of learning can be conveyed perfectly, and this also applies for music. What? Even more time in front of the computer? Of course, having to

I’m not talented enough!

You fear that the whole effort of mentoring is not worth it in your case and that it would be a waste of money. Do we need stress to improve our performance? “I used to play guitar on the beach in Greece and I was happy. The women stopped and smiled at me. Now, at
In the experience of many mentors, comprehensive support is an essential prerequisite for successfully implementing a given project within a reasonable time frame. The incomprehensible mosaic Recently, a highly professional orchestral musician told me that the guitar has been his dream instrument since his youth. For career reasons, he had opted for a promising position
“I’ve been practising my repertoire for six months now and I still can’t play a single piece to my family without making a mistake.”  An oft-heard complaint, unfortunately. So what’s the matter, and what can we do about it? Of course, this problem is not one that affects only guitarists, but is one that is
“Mr Lieske, is there a greatest myth that is the woe of classical guitarists?” When I heard this question, I was rather shocked: a greatest myth that threatens the pleasure our guitar brings us? It is true of very few of us, but certainly not of me. 
Unfortunately, it is not so simple, as we